PVC Stockings and Suspenders

PVC Stockings & Suspenders

This Skin Two collection of PVC Stockings and Suspenders is the sexiest and most seductive out there. An item that is sure to grab the attention you desire in all the best ways, you’ll be standing in the spotlight for all to see.

The PVC vinyl material is super shiny, perfect for catching the light and is super sexy to look at. It’ll smooth over across your body and wrap it up in this super tight material, perfect for the restrictive style.

You’ll find beautiful PVC Stockings that will dazzle your lingerie wardrobe. The PVC suspender belts come in varying styles in terms of where they sit on your waist and many different features. Discover buckled, laced and paneled designs to fall in love with.

The Skin Two PVC ranges have been integrated into the Honour ranges. You can check them out for yourself and shop below: