Womens Latex Clothing

Women's Latex Clothing

The Skin Two Latex Collection for women is a must see and covers all your wardrobe necessities, just in latex! Whether you’re looking for a strict looking latex top to wear out or a latex spanking skirt to wear in, Skin Two has you covered!

Latex Clothing can be used in all sorts of occasions and our range gives any woman complete choice. Many of the Skin Two designs are based on high street fashion designs but others are inspired by traditional dominatrix outfits. It really depends what style you’re looking for.

Some of the most popular latex outfits sit within the catsuit and dresses categories. All garments are beautifully crafted to fit like a glove. Whether you’ve got a curvaceous figure or a slim and slender one, the latex should sit comfortably on you to accentuate your best features.

Our sizes range from Small to 4XL giving the perfect fit for all. The Skin Two ranges now come in Plus Size also for the curvier figure. You can check the size guide to ensure that you choose the correct sizing. Skin Two Latex can give up to 4 inches stretch depending on how restricted you’d like to feel.

The Skin Two Latex ranges have been integrated into the Honour ranges. You can check them out for yourself and shop below: