Men's Latex Bottoms

Men’s Latex Bottoms

Welcome to the sexiest part of mens latex fetish fashion, latex bottoms. Nothing is quite as sexy as a man wearing only his latex bottoms, whether it be brief, trousers or shorts, every fetish fan is screaming for this sexy style to appear in their dungeon!

All of the men’s latex bottoms have been carefully selected, and this collection has been crafted over the years. Now this range encapsulates everything fetish fans are looking for in a latex bottom.

In this collection you will find trousers and shorts, tight and loose fitting to accommodate all preferences. Irresistible and sensational boxers, briefs and thongs, items that you will love to wear over and over again. They range in multiple colours, so no matter what look you’re going for you will find something to match. Or you can mix it up completely and head for a latex kilt or latex jeans with braces! There’s definitely something for everyone in this collection.

The Skin Two Latex ranges have been integrated into the Honour ranges. You can check them out for yourself and shop below: