Men's Latex Clothing

Men’s Latex Clothing

Nothing quite emphasises the male body than a latex garment. The Skin Two Men’s latex ranges cover all your essentials You can get your everyday items like t shirt or jeans in latex. These will be sure to leave you feeling your sexiest! Either wear with a matte finish or use a Skin Two Care product to give the latex a beautiful shine.

The Skin Two Men’s Latex ranges have been inspired by a variety of sources to create a complex mixture of simple, risque, elegant and more. If you’re wearing your latex out, there are some fantastic designs but you can also shop for that more intimate piece.

The clothing range has been styled to provide a range of different looks depending on how you’d like to wear your latex. However, the designs have all been developed to ensure the cut flatters the shape of the body. No matter how large the frame.

A very popular current theme within fetishwear is military. That is why we launched a range of military latex outfits. You can unleash your inner soldier with a kinky twist. The garments are beautifully designed using a military green colour type within the latex.

The Skin Two Men’s Latex Range comes in sizing of Small to Extra Large and hosts a variety of colours. Black, blue, red, green, white and more! There’s even a range of latex with different colour trimmings!

The Skin Two Latex ranges have been integrated into the Honour ranges. You can check them out for yourself and shop below: