Terry Mendoza’s Photo Studio at Skin Two Rubber Ball

Terry Mendoza

Terry Mendoza is the the master of stylish ‘cheesecake’ fetish photography with a cool retro twist. See the Skin Two Rubber Ball flyer and the cover of the Skin Two LateXtra showguide. In fact, see these photos! Terry will be exhibiting his supercool airbrush-style images at the Ball – and he’ll also be running the [Read More…]

Ainsley-T Fashion Performance: Serious Fetish Footwear at the Rubber Ball

Lick-me Ainsley t

We all love shoes – and Ainsley-t of Milan have elevated serious fetish footwear to an art form. At Skin Two Rubber Ball, on May 8th, fashion model Mam’zelle Maz will parade in Ainsley-t’s gorgeous erotic footwear. Share on Facebook

Bondassage Comes to London – A New Exploration of the Senses

Bondassage at Skin Two Rubber Ball

Bondassage is new technique, developed in California by erotic practitioners Jaeleen and Montaine. It is comprised of light bondage, sensory deprivation, massage and sensation play and is warmly recommended by celebrated author Dr Annie Sprinkle, who knows a thing or two about erotic pleasure. Share on Facebook

Lottie Kixx at Pussy Control, Friday 27th May :: Skin Two Rubber Ball Weekend

Lottie Kixx by Mathew Kitchen

Ms Lottie Kixx, international burlesque performer, choreographer and mischief enthusiast, has a background in contemporary dance and a penchant for diamanté and spikes. Her seductive and dark routines enchant her audiences, with a stunning combination of impeccable choreography, original music and decadent styling. Share on Facebook

International Fetish Parties & German Fetish Ball

A hundred years ago, Skin Two Rubber Ball was the first and only big international fetish party. Hammersmith Palais was packed to capacity with pervs who’d flown from every corner of the world to be there. It was quite normal for guests to fly from Australia, Japan and all parts of the USA just to [Read More…]

Club RUB’s new Film


London’s Club RUB launches their next promotional film, compiled by Pglogo. Take a look and see whether you’re in it – or see what you can expect at Club RUB! Subscribe to the Pglogo channel on YouTube and you’ll be the first to see each new Club RUB movie. And why not join in with [Read More…]

London & Paris!

James with Rubber Doll

Planning on coming to the Skin Two Rubber Ball?  What would you say to a round trip, taking in both Paris and London? How about that for a weekend treat just before Christmas! The Demonia party in Paris is on Thursday 10th December, so you can start your trip in London, take the Eurostar to [Read More…]

Skin Two Annual Parties with SecretRoom.net


Atlanta GA: July 17th & 18th: A highlight of our year is the annual Secret Room and Skin Two event in Atlanta GA. It’s a cool town, cool people and lots of friends from across the USA and beyond. Share on Facebook

Skin Two Rubber Ball 2007 by Zille Defeu

Any excuse to travel to England is a good one for me, but the best excuse is the Rubber Ball weekend! I’d had my bag mostly packed before I had even picked up the last items for various outfits, and the last things put in were; a custom black latex pencil skirt freshly fashioned by [Read More…]