Roswell Ivory – model and writer

Roswell Ivory has been photographed nude in seven countries this past year alone. With a passion for fetish imagery, psychology and pushing herself to her physical limits, Roswell also writes extensively about her experiences as an international fetish model, as well as her ongoing contortion training which she combines with bondage (documented by Clover and Wykd Dave).


Her website shows more of her work with the best photographers and designers in the industry, and soon you’ll be able to buy signed prints and copies of her calendars, as well as her personally-owned stockings and other accessories from her online shop, which opens in 2013!

Facebook: Roswell Ivory – model and writer

Photo credits:
1) Lawrence Jessop
2) Gareth Byrd
3) Grace Elkin
4) M-S Photography
5) Juul De Vries
6) Clover (Wykd Dave= rigger)
7) Matt Frederick
8) Clover (Wykd Dave= rigger)
9) Hart-Worx

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