Corset Guide

1. Select a corset 2 to 4 inches smaller than your natural waist size depending on the degree of reduction you are used to and/or require.

2. When your corset has arrived, follow our learn to lace video online for help on how to lace your corset.

3. When the corset is fully laced, loosen the lacing as much as possible so that you can easily secure the busk at the front of the corset around your body. Position so that the waist line is aligned with your own.

4. Start to tighten the corset at the back working down from top edge to the waist loops and then up from the bottom edge to the waist loops gradually reducing the gap whilst trying to keep the modesty panel flat.

5. Continually pull excess cord through loops at waist and keep taut, the gap at the back should be between 2 to 4 inches when finished, the 2 centre back edges should not meet or the corset is too big.

6. When you are happy with the fit, secure the loops with bow, then pull these lops even and bow again, repeat bowing until you have a tidy knot at the back waist.

NB Corsets are best broken in gradually and not to be laced too tightly too soon.

7. It is possible to carry out the above sequence alone and is in fact why the front fastening busk was invented but if you are new to wearing a corset then you may need some assistance at first.

8. When you are ready to remove your corset, loosen the laces at the back until the gap is large enough to easily undo the front. Do not attempt to undo your corset from the front without fully loosening the back or you could permanently damage your busk by bending it.

After removing your corset, leave it open over a chair or pillow to allow for the lining to breath. If you must clean your corset then dry cleaning is advised, only wash by hand in cold water using lingerie soap if necessary, our corsets have metal components which is why this is best avoided.