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Collectors’ Edition Sardax Prints Released by ObsessionArt

Art by Sardax

ObsessionArt.com, the erotic art retailer, announces the release of Shanghai Bizarre, the first ever collection of limited edition prints by internationally-acclaimed femdom artist, Sardax. Comprising a chronology of four prints, Shanghai Bizarre introduces a world of fascinations and fantasies with a flavour of the Orient. Limited to a print run of only 120 worldwide (+ three Artist’s Proofs) individually signed and numbered by Sardax, these stunning works are collectors’ items for anyone who appreciates beautiful “femdom” art, or indeed simply beautiful erotica.

About Shanghai Bizarre:
Shanghai Bizarre started as a series of commissioned illustrations for a client with a specific brief in mind – a fantasy world ruled by implacable oriental mistresses, mostly mature and extremely aware of their own power. There were originally 6 frames but the project so interested Sardax that he decided to add one more for his own pleasure-then another, and another… and so it grew until it started to seem like a definite series worthy of publishing in print form.

The name Shanghai was chosen as simply evoking a lost world of decadent pleasures. It is not the city of today with its mushrooming skyscrapers, but a more nostalgic fictional place with something of the atmosphere of Sax Rohmer’s Fu Manchu. Together with a bizarre twist of 50′s underground bondage illustration and a modern quirky English wry humour for good measure, it presents a completely original vision of female domination and will make a beautiful collectors‘ edition for one’s walls.

The first four are presented here forming a sequence in time.

1. The Travel Agent
Innocent young man, mesmerised by the exotic and dangerous allure of the strangely assertive sales ladies, be careful what you wish for! One at the desk confidently occupies her “special chair” while the exquisitely bound human seat cushion struggles silently for air beneath her delectable leather-skirted derriere. That poor helpless creature was once a strangely aroused tourist too!

sardax femdom art

2. The Arrival
A new batch of slaves arrives at the processing factory, confined in the heavy leather subjugation bags that double as bondage and transportation devices. Absolutely ignominiously helpless but able to see their tormentresses through the small vision panels, the slaves are both aroused and terrified by the prospect of their new lives. From the gallery the powerful figure of the supervisor coolly supervises the disposal of these human assets.

femdom artwork

3. The Taxi Stand
A sedan chair is carried through the winding lantern-lit streets of the old town. The bearers are cruelly gagged and restrained, their discomfort a constant reminder of their servile, anonymous status as mere beasts of burden for the convenience of Oriental ladies. The jingle of harness and creak of leather accompanies the sharp click-click of their punitive heels on the cobblestones as the strange conveyance arrives at the station, ready to collect a new passenger.

slaves and mistress in shanghai bizarre

4. The Rickshaw
Through the cacophony of the slave market the wretched rickshaw slave draws his disdainful passenger. The elegant lady, impatiently scowling at delay, shrieks at the struggling slave for speed when the impeding restraint of his bizarre leather punishment costume most prevents it. On the sidewalk a passing vixen pauses to watch, amused by the astonishing spectacle of cruelty.

slave market depicted by sardax

About Sardax:
Sardax is arguably the most established of all contemporary artists in the FemDom art genre, boasting a worldwide collector base for his original works as well as a best selling book, The Art of Sardax (2007, The Erotic Print Society).
Origins of Sardax’s work date back to the mid 1980s, where he “undertook the occasional drawing now and again, to satisfy personal fantasies”. For the artist, it was always meant to just be a sideline but as popularity of his drawings increased over time, and a fan base developed, the leisure activity soon became a profession.
Sardax received his first commission for a curious magazine called Madame in a World of Fantasy, followed by an invitation to draw for the dedicated latex and pvc publication, Shiny. A significant break for Sardax came with a review in Skin Two, and global recognition when he became a regular contributor to the AKSS, then the famous Leg Show magazine in the U.S. before embarking on the Web, and his own personal website- www.sardax.com. Besides publishing he also fits in many personal commissions and portraits.

About ObsessionArt:
ObsessionArt.com http://www.obsessionart.com is the world’s leading retailer of nude, figurative and erotic art prints, originals and books. Established in 2006, ObsessionArt is the official online retailer for over 45 of the world’s foremost artists and photographers specialising in the genre.
For further information or media-ready JPGs of the artwork, please contact:
ObsessionArt: Mark Davis
Email: press [@] obsessionart.com / Tel: +44 (0) 20 7095 8111

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