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Bound DC Makes Triumphant Return

Bound in DC holds a very special place in my heart. Back in the late 90s at the circle bar in Dupont Circle I discovered a whole new world. I had heard about it from my boss at the outcall stripping place I worked. She doubled as a Dominatrix; I didn’t even know what a Dominatrix was back then. All I knew was these stories she would tell me about the stage shows intrigued me. 

I wasn’t ready to delve into the scene; I went mostly for the music while occasionally catching a glance of the debauchery. Back then I fantasized about submitting to the beautiful powerful women I would see there all decked out. I looked up to them as Goddesses, I would never have even imagined I would one day become one of them!

Eventually I entered, balls deep. I did my first stage show at Bound to a packed house. I’ve had lots of amazing experiences at their events. Like all good things, Bound came to an end.

In April, they brought it back after a 4 yr hiatus. I was thrilled when they asked me to serve as HeadMistress, as I had been looking to start spending more time in DC and what a perfect excuse!

The theme was Alice in Wonderland, which was a bit hard for some of the old-timers, as it reminds us of the death of someone who was an integral part not only of Bound and the DC nightlife at large, but of this theme in particular.

One of the things I’ve always loved about DC is how much people go all out for the themes. I’m not one to get into costume, but I like to see other people get creative with their outfits. There’s none of the snobbery that is so off-putting at many fetish events. Perhaps part of this is that Bound really doesn’t call itself a fetish event per se. It’s a place for people of all walks of life and kink to express themselves however they see fit and I like that.